Jun 24

Workplace Wellness And Health Promotion Program Offers Speedy Entry Into Workforce

Productivity and Sound health are interconnected Thats where people with health and wellness programs comes in.

Centennial Colleges health promotion program focuses on creating health and nutrition programs to educate and engage workers and the community at large about healthy choices.

More specifically, graduates of this program find themselves placed in corporate employee wellness, community health promotion and not-for-profit organizations, as well as wellness entrepreneur positions as wellness coordinators, health promotion consultants or program managers.

One popular option within the field is that of health and wellness consultants who work for health and wellness companies and perform health/fitness and wellness seminars and presentations at a variety of companies that hire them on a consultation basis; develop, collaborate and deliver customized wellness programs, and more. Meanwhile, a wellness coordinator (another popular option) develops complete wellness programs consisting of literature, one-on-one and classroom trainings; teams up with department heads and supervisors to solicit employee participation and deliver workshops and training, and more.

Through the Centennial College Workplace Wellness and Health program, students not only obtain an Ontario College Graduate Certificate, but also learn theoretical and practical know-how to be successful, and receive employment search support services which gives the program a 90 per cent job placement rate!

Applicants to the Workplace Wellness and Health program must have completed an advanced college diploma (three-year program) or university degree in any discipline. Additionally, demonstration of English proficiency is required. Lastly, prior to their program field placement, students must have an annual clear police check with vulnerable sector screening, successfully complete (and annually renew) a recognized course in CPR, and successfully complete a recognized course in Standard First Aid.

Once they are accepted, mature students learn: program planning, program management, physical health, mental health management, nutrition, health promotion theory, organizational development, environmental health coaching, and research and

Jun 23

How to Buy the Right Fitness Equipment for Your Home

Are you very much fitness conscious person? Has your life become so busy that you cannot afford to go gym for fitness maintenance? Are you now planning to set up your fitness center at your home so that you can do exercise whenever you have free time? Are you thinking to purchase fitness equipment for the same? If you need not more words to answer these questions and you can answer them all in one word yes, then we would say you are at the right place here. Read the article carefully and you will get many tips that will help you buy the right fitness equipment for you. You should not buy fitness equipment for your home exercise sessions that you have not tried yet. Why? Doing any exercise self without expert advice from an expert physical trainer might cause trouble to you. Therefore, you should buy the fitness equipment which you like and which you are sure to handle comfortably. This thing also matters a lot. Suppose you buy equipment which occupy huge space, but you don’t space enough space to keep them, they will create a problem for you that where to keep them. Therefore, you must have an idea in your mind that how much space you can spend to keep fitness equipment in your home. Perhaps, this is the most important thing because if you have everything (space to keep equipment, tried plenty of equipment at the gym, which you have joined) except funds, you can buy no equipment for you. Therefore, it is the thing that you cannot neglect. First, determine your budget and then make a list of the items that you want. Now, search on the internet how much they all will cost you? If you find that you can buy all

Jun 23

Why Take a Physical Fitness Test

This one of those tests that you should not fear and, in fact should take for your healths sake. A physical fitness test will only oblige you, after all, to do exercises that would serve as measuring instruments for your agility, endurance and stability, which are the four aspects that physical fitness consists of. You will be required to undergo such test if you join institutions that give importance to your physical abilities. If you join the army or the police, you will definitely require you to be fit. If you want to become an athlete, your team or club will normally ask you to do the test.

Tests on cardio, usually, require you to jog a distance or time in order to find out how your endurance is. Some routines on weight training may also be performed such as pull-ups to measure your strength. Short sprints and long jumps are also done to determine your agility. If you wish to get a more comprehensive reading though, try performing all four types of tests.

The first things you will appreciate in a physical fitness test will be your strengths and weaknesses. If you perform all routines necessary to measure yourself on the four factors, you will find out your problem areas. You can still start working out without undergoing a fitness test though. However, you run the risk of focusing only on your strengths while setting aside those that need to be developed.

When you are done with your physical fitness test, the results will be the starting points for your fitness program. If it proves that you have a problem with endurance, then your program will require you more cardio. If it also tells you that you lack physical strength, then you will have to spend more time with

Jun 22

Continue Your Fitness With Sports Coaching Services

Every person is fond of various types of sports and games and you know sports keep the persons active and dynamic all the time. If you want to maintain your body fitness play games that will boost energy inside your body and you will be fit always. Life gets once and you should utilize its for various purposes and first of all the most important thing required that is how you will make your lifestyle better always. To make the lifestyle best for lifetime it is important to play games what is your favorite one and show your interest in it. Yes, the sports in which you are very much interested incline towards that sport activity.

You can play any of your sport to bring a proper shape of fitness so, you can practice the sports whatever you select to do daily exactly. You must have to practice any of your preferred sport on the ground anywhere where you feel comfortable. Sport is one of the best medicines to stay healthy from physically and emotionally also. To stay fit from mental to physical only sport is the perfect way to get healthier and fitness body.

As you go with the sports performance riverside services then you don’t have to put much more efforts whereas, with our best services you will get the performance of the sports at the riverside and without getting into any trouble you can learn your sports within exact duration only. Within just few hours this sport performance service will give you classes step by step and you will be able to grab that knowledge so immediately.

Our performance coaching San Diego can help you out and easily they will go ahead to teach every step carefully to the people who want to learn

Jun 22

Ensure The Safety Of Your Staff With Health And Safety Policies

A well structured health and safety procedures plan should cover all premises and activities to ensure the safety and well being of the staff in accordance to their Health and Safety Policies.

Health and safety policies and procedures should be produced following a thorough process of premises inspection, assessment of procedures, document audit and the identification of training requirements.

All health and safety policies should include:

* The Health and Safety Policy Statement

* The Management organisation and structure for Health and Safety

* The Health and Safety responsibilities of individuals

* The Health and Safety Rules – the working practices procedures and accompanying guidance expected to be kept by staff, visitors and contractors

* Risk assessment procedures and a set of generic risk assessments

* Accident reporting and disease reporting procedures,

* Occupational Health and First Aid requirements;

* Stress management policy

* Additional procedures, for example Fire Risk Assessments, CDM compliance system, Method Statements or Dangerous Goods management system:

* Health and safety documentation will be updated in line with legislation and any changes in your workplace. All policies are backed up with our legal alert service which provides clients with information on complex and rapid changes to legislation, and our 24-hour advice hotline for an immediate response in a crisis situation.

The job of a health and safety consultant consists of producing a tailored health and safety policies and health and safety procedures to allow workers get on with their jobs in the safest environment possible.

To ensure the above, all working sites need a health and safety site evaluation, the process is not just a policing exercise, but also a great opportunity to increase worker’s knowledge towards health and safety.

Health and safety consultants should analyze the current health and safety situation by providing an on-the-spot report and be able to

Jun 22

Elite Runner Pro Another Great Innovation Of Branx Fitness

Staying healthy nowadays is quite expensive. Both dietary foods and gym expenses are costly. Most of the gyms now require its clients to pay for registration and membership fees. People, however, are becoming conscious now in their expenses with the economy still unstable. Due to these expenses, some people have stopped going to the gym. They stop exerting efforts for their workouts and diet. They rather have fast-food meals. Because of the need to motivate these people, the Branx Fitness came-up with a brilliant treadmill that is worth the purchase. People need not register in gyms anymore. The Branx Fitness Runner Pro Foldable Treadmill now hits the market to cater this need.

The Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill

The Elite Runner Pro is known for its durable and high-powered features. Just like other Branx Fitness brands, this treadmill is an excellent innovation. Having it at home is just like having a gym inside the house. Plus, this robust machine does not wear out. Its longevity and sustainability make it worth of the investment. The money that bought it will never be wasted. It has also passed the GS standard quality test. That alone assures consumers that the Elite Runner Pro is of world-class quality. When purchased, one is entitled for a UK-based warranty. This is indeed a great investment for ones health and fitness.

Elite Runner Pro features

The running belt of Elite Runner Pro is 1.88-mm thick. It is also equipped with shock absorption system. This protects the muscles and bones from injuries during extensive workouts. What makes this machine more exciting is that it has pre-programmed workout routines. For its incline, the Elite Runner Pro has a maximum twenty percent incline grade, and a 20kph maximum speed. Using Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro is

Jun 21

Get Individual Health Insurance With Maternity

A lot of families nowadays are currently dissatisfied with their health insurance and are looking for better companies that will provide them with person health insurance with maternity coverage. Right now most of the insurance rate plans available are expensive and expensive, but by going to the right sites you and your own family will be able to take advantage of the best person health insurance with maternity coverage today.

Having health insurance ready and available before you are pregnancy is very important as a result nowadays there are a lot of insurance companies that are not interested in covering people with pre existing conditions and even those that are already pregnant. Covering pregnancy is very expensive for most health insurance companies and they would go to great lenghts to make sure that you either:

1. Foot the majority of your own health insurance bill by changing the coverage you currently have

2. Finding a reasons to hike up your own costs few months after delivering your own newborn

The last thing you need after bringing in a new born into this world is to be forced to deal with a boat load of medical bills and rising premiums. To combat the battle against high insurance you tought.

1. Do comparison shopping at the right insurance sites that provide several rates for person health insurance with maternity coverage.

2. Modify your own quotes to cover your own finances to either go for from bundled packages with medical/dental/vision or a simpler person health insurance with maternity coverage that covers the main important things that you need such as coverage for your own unborn child when they are out the womb and inexpensive co pays.

Most health insurance sites only provide you a quote from one provider. But by going to health insurance sites you will be able to

Jun 21

Just Ladies Fitness Kickboxing Courses – Taking The Boredom Out Of Your Workout

Getting into condition and preserving a healthy weight can often be difficult for many people. This is partly because they get bored with their normal routine after a while. Just ladies fitness kickboxing Vancouver classes can help women get in shape or keep the weight off in a special and entertaining way that is unique and more fun than traditional exercise classes. Below is a number of benefits that can be realized through the use of these kickboxing courses for women.

Build Confidence

Many women who are starting their weight loss journey may have low self confidence. Their extra weight makes them feel bad about their appearance and they often feel as though they are not capable of meeting their goals. The kickboxing classes give them the ability to feel good about what they are accomplishing and also allow them to get fit in a comfortable environment among other women.

Drop Pounds

Just ladies fitness kickboxing Vancouver classes also help local women shed pounds faster than most other programs around. These programs not only provide an intense high energy aerobic routine that helps melt pounds away fast, but they also help to tone and tighten the muscles of the body. The kickboxing classes offer a entire body workout while targeting areas of a woman’s body such as her legs and middle section.

Make Friends

The group environment that is found with kickboxing programs is a wonderful environment in which women can make new friends. The fact that the class is just for ladies is an added benefit and ensures that women are always working out with others who go through the same trials and tribulations as themselves, and who often have the exact same body issues as well.

Learn Self Defense

The world is a tougher place than it used

Jun 20

The Medicinal Herb Called Dokudami Has Many Health Benefits

Dokudami, also known as Houttuynia Cordata, is a plant that has a lengthy history as a healing agent. It is also used in cooking, as well as in teas like dokudami cha, which translates literally to “Houttuynia cordata tea”. This tea is created with a mixture of the Houttuynia cordata and Oolong tea leaves and Job’s Tear’s, which is a tall tropical plant that bears grains. The plant itself can be found in many Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and southern China. It grows mostly in moist, darkened areas and can be found at all times of the year, in any season.

So what health benefits does this tea leaf offer? That depends entirely on how it will be used, either internally or externally. In Asia, dokudami is considered a “cure-all” medicinal herb. If taken internally, it is believed to help with the following: cervical infection, coughing, enteritis, gastritis, infected sores, cystitis, chronic bronchitis, lung abscesses, pharyngitis, snakebites, urinary infections, and tumors. If used externally, it can be used for abscesses, analgesic, bone growth simulation, boils, diuretic, snakebites, swellings, hemorrhoids, mild laxative, urinary antiseptic, and detoxification. Now some of that is probably legendary folklore, but there have been studies conducted that add some scientific backing to how dokudami functions as a medicinal herb.

One of the health benefits of dokudami, that has some science behind it, is that it can help fight asthma, as well as allergies. These disorders are both caused too much histamines being released. It can also remove free radicals from the body that are not supposed to be there, ones that come from processed food, pollution, and chemicals in water. Free radicals are believed to cause cancer and speed up aging. Dokudami has also been found to fight off bacteria that are harmful to the body. It

Jun 16

Police Fitness Requirements

Not only is being a police officer mentally challenging, you also need a fair amount of physical ability too. There is no shying away from the gym tests when endeavouring to become a police officer in the UK. You need to pass the fitness tests to stand a chance of getting in, even if some officers’ fitness may have slipped a little since they joined. Nonetheless, you must pass the police fitness requirements test before being considered as an officer.

There are two main components of the fitness test: strength and stamina. The strength test is a series of five pushed and five pulls on a machine that measures how hard you are able to push and pull. The requirements for this are not very difficult and a active and healthy person should have no real problems here.

The second part of the police fitness requirements is stamina. For this there is something called the bleep test. In essence you have to run 15 meters and back again in between bleeps. If you keep within the bleeps then you stay in and you fail when you are too slow. The bleeps get progressively faster and faster until you cannot run any more. The pass level for this test is not particularly high and anyone who gets some kind of exercise in their lives shouldn’t find this test too difficult either.

There are many aspects of a policeman’s job that require a great deal of physical ability. They need strength to restrain a person they may be dealing with and stamina to keep up with even the most determined and long lasting of criminals.

The police fitness requirements are necessary if you are to be considered as a potential officer. You are allowed a maximum of three attempts to pass the

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